Whenever we recommend a wireless system for the automatic door installation the most asked question by customers is about the batteries life and replacement. Most of the wireless push buttons would work last for at least a couple of years (depending on conditions) . We strongly recommend servicing automatic door system at least once a year and a battery replacement is a part of this service. But for all of those that would prefer not having a buttery power but still have a comfort of wireless system, there is a perfect solution!

The newest development from Camden Door Controls is a wireless push button that doesn’t require any batteries. It has a kinetic technology implemented in it’s buttons “harvesting” the power from the mechanical movement of its parts. In another words – every time someone pushes the button the movement of the plate on push in and then realise operation creates enough power to send a signal to the receiver. It works in the 900 Mhz wireless system but will never require any battery replacement maintenance. The only service it would require would be a whole button replacement if it breaks. The Kinetic by Camden system is compatible with all brands of automatic door operators. It would work both on inside and outside applications! We have tested this product and it works great!